Victoria New Horizon Amateuar Radio Club (Founded November 11, 1977)
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Current - Net Script Ver. 2.7,  April 4 2020


Do not read text in red.

Good morning this is ___________ (your name & callsign) and I am the net control for the Victoria New Horizons Amateur Radio Club Net.

Do we have any Emergency, Priority or Highway reports?

This repeater has a 103.5 Hz tone.
In the event that it fails we will operate on a backup repeater of 145.430 with a 100 Hz tone.

We meet each morning at 08:45 local time and welcome all radio amateurs to check in and join our daily net.

All of our club information is available on our website at vnharc.com

1. Are there any Health and Welfare reports?
2. Next are the Miscellaneous Reports. Read and Ask
3. I will now call for check-ins.

Thank you for joining us this morning.

This Net is now closed at __________and the frequency is now clear, 73


Our NET Controllers:  
Net Manager: Alan Hoover,  VE7PE
Rose Hawthorne,  VE7KL
Ed Seedhouse, VA7SDH
Alan Hoover,  VE7PE
John Walls,  VE7SDJ
Ramona Tout,  VE7SIT
Cam Rodger VE7NKA
Gil Hodges,  VE7GLT
Cathy Besse, VA7CBT
Brent Besse, VA7BNB

These are the people who unselfishly give of their time, to provide order and guidance for our daily morning Net at 08:45 Pacific time on the frequency of 146.980 MHz.(103.5 hz tone). This is not a traffic net, but if necessary, traffic will be handled. Rather, it’s a morning get together where we share our joys and sorrows, as well as our concerns for those who may be under the weather.