Victoria New Horizon Amateuar Radio Club (Founded November 11, 1977)



   Mar 24  2016 -  added AGM Agenda

   Dec 16  2015 -  added Dec 16, 2015 Executive minutes

   Dec 16  2015 -  added NEW Net Script ver. 2.3

   Dec 16  2015 -  added NEW page menu NET Roster and NET Script under NET INFORMATION

   Dec 16  2015 -  added VNHARC-CRD repeater usage info

   June 12  2015 -  added Constitution & Bylaws to the Legal page

   June 12  2015 -  added Executive meeting notice information to home page

   May 20 2015 - added the Luncheon information to home page

   December 17th  2014 - VNHARC  Luncheon 
    Being held at the Six Mile Pub

  October 12 2014

 Total website rebuild.

  The previous website was an online Wordpress Blog.
  We have to date been unsuccessful in a resolution so the quickest solution was to secure new domain vnharc.com
  We are in the process of building the new website where we will have better control.

    September 17th  2014 - VNHARC  Luncheon pictures   
    Being held at the Six Mile Pub

  Trying to recover pictures - stay tuned


 August 24 2014 - CRERCC - 146.980/443.025

  The original repeater is updated and now linked to 443.025 (100 Hz)
  Repeater talk out timer is still set to 3 mins.

   August 21 2014 - VNHARC Net Script 
   Net Script has changed to better reflect the VNHARC operation.


 August 22 2014 - Executive Positions

 Gil Hodges VE7GLT steps down as Vice President and takes a Directors position.
 John Walls takes over the Vice President position


 July 26 2014 - CRERCC   146.980  

The original repeater is being worked on and the backup repeater is in place.
  Note: different Tail beep with the same talk out timer of 3 mins.

  Trying to recover - stay tuned


  March 26, 2014 - Latest NEWS  

  The "Constitution & Bylaws"  has been updated.                                                
  When filed with the Society of BC it will be posted.

  Trying to recover- stay tuned