Victoria New Horizon Amateuar Radio Club (Founded November 11, 1977)


1. Call the meeting to order – John Walls VE7SDJ, opening remarks, approval of agenda.

2. Approval of 2015 AGM Minutes

3. Business arising from the 2015 Minutes

4. Committee reports:
  • Report: President – John VE7SDJ Including Phoning & Luncheon Committee reports
  • Report of Secretary – Dick VE7GAU
  • Report of Treasurer – Rose VE7KL
  • Report of Net Control Coordinator - Alan VE7PE
  • Report of the Repeater Liaison – Ed VE7ED
  • Report of the Nominating Committee – Alan VE7PE and Andy VE7VAW

5. Elections

6.New Business
  • Phoning Committee: Need volunteers;
  • Membership Lists: What should they contain, How public should they be?
  • Rosebud Trophy: Should Non-Amateur Men be considered?
  • Member Equipment Survey: Making “Tech Support” easier;
  • Bylaw Amendments:  Allowing the Exec to amend bylaws in timely fashion so they always conform to Acts.
    For example, upcoming Societies Act amendments. Amend as soon as they become law, not wait for AGM. (This would require a motion and vote)

7.  Items from the floor

8. Appoint auditors

9. Adjournment